Webinar: Intersection of Search, Analytics and Big Data

There is a perfect storm brewing: organizations are amassing large volumes of multi-structured data, yet there are few cost-effective ways to analyze this data without data scientist, who seem to be as elusive as a white unicorn.  Although there are higher level languages on the horizon, like Hive and Pig, that promise to give mere mortals access to Hadoop-bound data, there is an easier approach that some may consider old school: search technology.

Think about it: search tools can index both structured and unstructured data and thanks to new add-ons, such as Hadoop integration, natural language processing, columnar databases, simple query languages, and visualization interfaces, they can also handle many analytical tasks.

In this Webinar, you will learn:

  • The value of using search to perform analytics
  • The marriage of search and big data
  • The technology that powers search-enabled analytics
  • Use cases for search-enabled analytics 


Wayne Eckerson, Research Director, TechTarget

Wayne has more than 15 years’ experience in data warehousing, business intelligence (BI) and performance management. He has conducted numerous in-depth research studies and wrote the best-selling book Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business. He is a keynote speaker and blogger and conducts workshops on business analytics, performance dashboards and business intelligence. Eckerson served as director of education and research at The Data Warehousing Institute, where he oversaw the company’s content and training programs and chaired its BI Executive Summit.

Wayne is director of research at TechTarget, where he writes a weekly blog called Wayne’s World, which focuses on industry trends and examines best practices in the application of BI.


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